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Denmark » Klovborg Ø

Klovborg Ø

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About this live traffic camera

  • Last updated: 3 weeks ago
  • Status: Offline
  • Direction: SouthEast
  • Bearing: 137
  • Current date/time: 13/04/2024 14:21
  • Local timezone: Europe/Copenhagen
  • Local time offset: 0
  • Views: 407


  • Address: Sønderdalvej 1B, Ikast-Brande, MJ, Denmark
  • Suburb: Ikast-Brande
  • Postcode: 8765
  • Lat/Long: 55.927014, 9.501612
  • GPS Coordinates: 55°55'37"N, 9°30'5"E

Camera provider

Traffic footage from this webcam is supplied by Vejdirektoratet.

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